Bridal Beauty Services

Bridal Beauty Services

Congratulations, you're getting married! You have a million and one things to do before the big day. You need to look once-in-a-lifetime fabulous. For while that fabled glow won't just miraculously arrive in time for the big day, careful planning and prep work can ensure your most radiant self walks down that aisle.

First of all, you need to hire a professional. Even if you do a great job on a day to day basis, your wedding day isn't just any other day. So many thoughts and emotions are going to be racing through your mind, why burden yourself with choices like, pencil, liquid or gel? Additionally, professionals use professional-grade products that are proven to photograph well, and last through the day while still looking beautiful.

Schedule your trail a month or two before your wedding day. This is just enough time to make adjustments if necessary but not enough time for you to forget what you decided on.

Don't wait to the last minute to address skin issues like acne. See a dermatologist six months to a year prior to your wedding day. You may need that much time to resolve some conditions. Even if your skin is flawless make sure you are on a skin care regiment that will maintain it's pristine condition and appearance.

Don't experiment with your hair color or length for your wedding. Stick with the tried and true or keep your hair on the longer side so your artist has plenty to work with. If getting hair services such as a trim or highlights touch-up, be sure to tell your stylist that it is for your wedding day, and that you don't want anything extreme or different done to your hair.
Be completely honest and descriptive with your artist regarding how you feel about the work they have done. Expect to do some adjustments during your trial to get it just right. You must not be afraid to communicate thoughts to you artist; they are not mind readers, and of course, they want you to be happy on your big day. In some cases you and the artist may have different styles and are just not a good match. It's ok to keep looking until you find one you are excited about.

Don't wax, thread or pluck on your wedding day. Try to schedule hair removal a week in advance to avoid red irritated skin. Your artist can easily pluck out some stray hairs on the day of if necessary.

When you smile, you show your teeth, too, so don't neglect the health and condition of your gums and teeth. If you want to whiten teeth, start doing so slowly months before the wedding.

Many day spas offer wedding packages that include advanced treatments to help you achieve a flawless look for your ceremony. Alternatively, you can gather a group of your best girlfriends and the spa will be booked exclusively for the use of your group so that you can enjoy the ultimate luxury experience.

And remember not to opt for a very fashion forward look you may regret. Classic elegance is the way to go.

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