Foiled Highlights

Foiled Highlights

Foiled highlighting refers to changing a person's hair color, using lighter (or darker) colors to color strands of the hair in different sizes.

The foil highlighting technique has become popular over the last ten years. In fact most hair stylists don't know how to highlight hair any other way.
The purpose of the hair foil is to ensure the color or bleach is applied to just the right area and is kept away from the hair not to be colored. Bought in rolls or in packs the hair foil has made the job of applying highlights so much easier for hair stylists.

The benefits of using foils for highlighting the hair are:

  • It gives better control of highlight placement.
  • It allows for the application of multiple colors in the same procedure.
  • It gives easier management of the amount of highlighting you get.
  • It provides more even coverage in the highlights all over the scalp.
  • Allows the preservation of targeted areas of the hair when wanting to apply a general color and use the natural or original color as a “highlight”.

When choosing a highlight color, the most important factor to consider is your current hair color. You want to choose a highlight that will naturally accent and contrast your hair. Also, you want to make sure that you are complementing skin tones.

If you want to have highlights and it is your first time then it is recommended to get them done at a hair salon by a professional color artist. Adding highlights to your own hair can be tricky and a professional will know where to add that give best results.

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