Needle Dermabrasion

Needle Dermabrasion

Needle Dermabrasion is revolutionary, sophisticated technique is used to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and scars and promotes the body's natural production of collagen.

What is Needle Dermabrasion?

This non-invasive procedure offers long lasting rejuvenation for the skin similar to laser resurfacing but without the harsh damage to the epidermis. The effects are great, and it is a safer, cost effective and more permanent solution than Collagen, Restylane or Botox injections.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Stimulate the production of collagen tightening the skin
  • Eliminate or reduce crows feet and lip lines
  • Eliminate or reduce forehead lines and frown lines
  • Assist in the absorption of cosmetic products
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage
  • Treat acne scars and chicken pock scars
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks
  • Reduce the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Helps with Rosacea
  • Helps with hair restoration 

How Does Needle Dermabrasion Work?

Needle Dermabrasion is accomplished through microscopic punctures made to the epidermis. This stimulates the body's natural wound healing by breaking up old collagen strands in scars and wrinkles to produce natural collagen and melanocytes, making smoother skin. Your own collagen rushes to the site that is treated to heal, close and protect the skin thus making it fill in the area for a smoother appearance to the treated skin.

Needle Dermabrasion for Lines and Wrinkles

Needle Dermabrasion for scars and wrinkles is well known and utilized by plastic surgeons world wide. The procedure triggers a healing response with increased collagen and elastin production, effectively plumping out fine lines and wrinkles! The effects are great, and it is both safer and more permanent than collagen, restylane or botox injections.

Needle Dermabrasion to improve Acne Scars

Needle Dermabrasion is ideal for Acne Scarring as it creates a softer skin texture and softens the fibrous bands in the base of the acne scar to give more flexibility in movement and a more natural blended appearance of the skin surrounding the scars. This technique works because the needles break old collagen strands that are tethering the bed of the scar, and the damage also creates more collagen immediately under the epidermis.
Needle Dermabrasion versus Laser re-surfacing and dermabrasion Laser re-surfacing and dermabrasion techniques destroy the epidermis in order to create denser fibrosis in the dermis. Needle Dermabrasion preserves the epidermis, and stimulates collagen deposition in the dermis. An important point is that it is simple to do, has minimal side effects and is almost as effective as laser re-surfacing. The skin advantage is that the skin does not become de-pigmented as seen in laser resurfacing.

How long does Needle Dermabrasion last?

Some clients see immediate results from Needle Dermabrasion, others notice improvement gradually over an 8 to 12 week period. Individual results vary as each body's regeneration is unique. Most will love the difference after their first treatment, but may want a second or third treatment 8 to 12 weeks apart to achieve their goal. One treatment may be all you want to create that smooth appearance. Results generally last years.

Is Needle Dermabrasion safe?

Needling is safe with stringent cross-contamination standards, and because nothing is injected and no Chemicals, Toxins, or Poisons are used, allergic reactions and side-effects are non-existent. With rapid healing, low downtime and simple aftercare, needling is an attractive solution for scars and wrinkles for most people.

Healing/After Care

The skin can be quite red immediately after treatment but tends to settle fairly quickly. Very fine scratches appear on areas treated which usually heals completely in 3-4 days and can be covered with mineral make-up during that time if desired. Application of Bepanthen antiseptic cream 3-4 times per day during this time is the only after care required.