Thermal Body Therapy

Thermal Body Therapy

For centuries, Spa Body Therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects, these treatments detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalise your skin. Through the various benefits of heat and the undeniable power of touch, you'll experience a results-orientated body treatment like never before. Every Dermalogica body treatment is customised for your skin's condition, designed to target your skin's most pressing concerns while delivering an amazing experience.

Body Foliation Therapy (30 minute treatment)
A gentle oatmeal and rice bran powder activates to create a gentle but effective exfoliant that whisks away dead skin cells, brightens skin and helps reduce the appearance of sun spots & hyper pigmentation.
Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy (30 minute treatment)
Customised to either energise or reduce stress. This therapy polishes skin to a soft glow while providing critical hydration & nourishment that the skin needs. Mineral sea salts & seaweed exfoliate while skin nourishing enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells naturally for a smooth finish.

Body Therapy Hydro Pack
The Mineral Salt Scrub precedes this treatment and removes any accumulated dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and glowing. An ultra-soothing, hydrating treatment personalised with Aromatherapy oils, oceanic algae or hydroxy acids. A pure, natural aloe-based pack is swaddled in a thermal wrap to infuse the skin with moisture. Ideal for calming sun exposed skin. Includes Dry Body Brushing and relaxing scalp or foot massage.

Body Wrap (2 hour treatment)
An intense wrap therapy dedicated to feeding youskin with nourishment it craves. A unique blend of Wheat Protein and Honey act as maximum hydrators while Wasbi, Ginger and White Tea stimulate blood circulation to promote healthier skin. Customised essential oil blends in a massage medium offer therapeutic benefits, while rich Kukui Nut, Olive and Grape Seed oils smooth and provide antioxidant protection. Recommend for drier or prematurely-aging skin conditions.

Ultimate Body Polish
Completely customised to either energise or reduce stress, this mineral salt scrub therapy polishes skin to a soft glow while providing hydration and nourishment skin needs. Mineral-rich sea salt, dried seaweed and fruit enzymes combine to smooth and silken the entire body. Includes dry body brushing and friction massage.  The Ultimate Body Polish includes a rich moisturising body massage to enhance the treatment. Recommended for all skin conditions, except sensitive or sensitised skin.

Purifying Back Treatment (45 minute treatment)
Experience double the benefits from one of the finest anti-stress treatments available. This stress busting treatment refreshes and cleanses this hard to reach area. Start with a deep-cleansing of the back to remove excess oil and debris, followed by exfoliation using Hydro-Active Mineral Salts to polish away dullness, extractions are performed if necessary. Lastly a stress relieving massage with essential oils and a customised masque will leave you relaxed and your skin radiant.

Deep Thermal Therapy
Inspired by the practises of Thai Therapy of the 14th Century, this Thermal Body Therapy Treatment utlises a unique fabric stamp filled with skin benefitting ingrediants and the power of heat to detoxify, remineralise, de-stress, exfoliate and relax. Natural earth clays draw out impurities while Ginger and White Tea stimulate circulation and smooth skin. The deep manipulations along pressure points and the meridan of the body relieve aching muscle tissue and work to balance the body.