Wedding Make-up

Wedding Make-up

Next to the dress and hair, makeup is a huge concern for any bride on her wedding day. No bride-to-be wants to look under or overdone on one of the most momentous days of her life. For this reason, many women don't want to risk applying their own makeup on their wedding day. After all, wedding makeup can make or break a bride's overall appearance.

This reasoning helps to explain why many brides choose to leave the job up to a makeup artist. If you plan to do so it's important to consult with your makeup expert prior to your wedding day to strategize about ways to look your best, especially for all the photos that will be taken before, during, and after the ceremony.

A corrective, subtle makeup that enhances your best features and makes you naturally radiant and beautiful is probably the best because the first thing people will notice alongside your gown on your wedding day is how stunning and radiant you look all overall, not exactly just the makeup itself. But first, start preparing your skin with some months in anticipation to your wedding.

Program a regular series of weekly facials to get all the impurities out, and drink two glasses of water every day immediately after waking up in addition to the 8 daily glasses suggested, even if your skin condition is good. Along with bridal makeup an efficient skin hydration is important because the accumulative stress of all those months getting ready for the event may be reflected on your face THAT day when you want you don’t want is to look tired or withered.

Bridal makeup is a clean, flawless, pearly and enhanced makeup, color choices are warm tone colors such as cream, gold, pastel green, peaches and browns or cool tone colors such as lilacs, violets, plums and soft pinks. Bridal makeup is not a club or an evening party makeup so keep the consistency medium or low.

Remember that neutral colors are always an excellent choice to achieve an enhanced natural look for a sophisticated and sexy bride.

During a consultation it is vital that you tell the makeup artist whether you are planning to have a night wedding. There is a major difference in the types of makeup used for a night wedding versus one that takes place in the morning or afternoon. Daytime portraits typically call for lighter makeup, in the form of muted eye shadow colors and matte lipstick. Conversely, evening ceremonies require heavier eye makeup, darker blush and deeper color lipstick.

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