Gold'n Tan

#2445 8882-170st
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5T 4M2

(780) 489-8269

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Gold'n Tan

#2445 8882-170st Edmonton AB Canada T5T 4M2 7804898269

Free $65 Lotion

When buying an 8 matrix session pack, receive a free Bottle!

Restricted to a $65 dollar lotion, if selecting a more costly bottle, client pays difference.



This is the most cleanliness tanning place I have ever been too.

shandi rankin

Gold n Tan is by far the best place ever for a great looking tan. The staff are always great people to have assisting you whether to have someone to chat with, while awaitin a bed, or booking you in. I've met the owner, great guy. So far nothing bad to say about the place... Great Job Guys!


I much prefer the stand up matrix over the lie down beds! The lie down beds leave you sliding all over and with the odd bunny tail spot! No more lie down beds for me. Gold'n Tan's stand up matrix is my tanning solution. Thank you.

sara hunt

i really enjoy gold'n tan at WEM the owner is super nice and the matrix bed is THE BEST bed ive ever used hands down. If i was to complain about anything it would be not being able to get through on the phone all the time for hours but i would definetly recommened this salon to my friends and family !

Samantha Hicks

I was HIGHLY disapointed with this place the staff was unfriendly and i found that my bed was not cleaned proporly i dont use tingle and i could feal it on my skin after i tanned . WOULD NOT RECOMEND!

Joy Gagnon

We have had great service, we switched from fab u tan and have better results. I recommend using Gold N Tan great location at WEM lots of parking.


Always very happy with the salon, the way it is run and with the owner. The matrix is THE best bed in Canada, hands down. Adam the owner also gives you free $90 lotion with each tan, the towels are clean and smell fresh, and the equipment is wiped down well with cleaner. The spray tan is amazing, the only one I have had good results from. I have stayed brown, and it faded naturally - not orange and it didn't wipe off on everything as bad as some other salons that offer spray tans. As long as it carries on being run the way it is, I will be going back there. Definitely worth what I pay for.

Julia Rothschild

This salon is excellent! Chilled towels, free lotion, unlimited tanning at a great price. Long hours, the owner is the only one who works there, he is super nice and accomodating, Ive had him let me tan at 9:58 once in a while when I ask nicely.

Its so nice being able to speak to the owner himself in a salon thats next to GOLDS GYM in a huge mall, with long hours, and get an answer right away. Rather than some stripmall salon with a 16 year old girl there. You need to have a license with the government to change a persons hair color, but to change a persons skintone you can be 16 and ditzy, I trust adam with my skin!

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