Off Whyte Skin Care Studio

2nd Flr 8105 106th St NW
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6E 4W6

(780) 988-8845

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Off Whyte Skin Care Studio

2nd Flr 8105 106th St NW Edmonton AB Canada T6E 4W6 (780) 988-8845

20% Off Any First Time Service

20% Off Any First Time Service

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I had the exactly same experience as the reviewer A. The worse is I had the same experience twice out of my 7 appointments which I bough on Groupon. After these two times, I decided not to go back to her service and cancel the remaining 5 appointments. She promised me she'll refund me the 5 sessions that I didn't get, but she kept coming up some excuses like she'd send me the refund by etransfer as soon as she received the payment from Groupon, she did set up the transfer but it didn't go through, etc... So I never received the refund. I realized that she had been lying and dishonest all those time. Plus it's worth to mention that, she'd been using the same blanket and bed sheet all the time. When I questioned her if she ever cleaned them, she said she had the exactly same sets 3 of them. She's full of lies and the service was bad. Don't waste your money and time to go there.


I booked an appointment for a slimming body wrap. I had booked my appointment online as suggested from the voicemail when I initially called Off Whyte, and received a confirmation email. I arrived to my appointment and no one was there and the studio was locked. A man from the other business in that building asked if he could help me and I was told that Ruth left a few hours ago. I called and left a message for her asking what happened and when I could rebook. I didn't hear anything for two days after so I called and left another message. She didn't get back to me until a week after I left the second message. She got back to me via text and said she had been sick and that she sent me a cancellation text and email, which I find hard to believe because I didn't receive either. This would have been my first appointment at Off Whyte and I won't book an appointment there again based on my inital impression of the business.


A friend of mine referred me here. I Had my wax done by Ruth, who was very friendly. Unfortunately I was not satisfied with the wax when I got home. There were alot of broken hairs, and missed patches. I will be going elsewhere in the future.


Amazing Ruth rocks

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